Bathroom Selfie 💪📸  #UnderwearAficionado Cheeky bathroom…

Bathroom Selfie

💪📸  #UnderwearAficionado Cheeky bathroom…

Bathroom Selfie

💪📸  #UnderwearAficionado 

Cheeky bathroom selfie, we all love doing it! But whith that kind of body… Wouldn’t you be taking several a day? I definitely would 💪📸

What about you underwear aficionado men? Do you take bathroom selfies or selfies at all?

Nice blue boxers, another Ergowear fan. 

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Hello 🐻 #Roar #Thong #UnderwearAficionado


Here is a sexy bear wearing a red thong. My personal favorite piece of underwear, and I bet other underwear aficionado out there would agree with me… it just enhances all of mens goods 😄 what do you guys think?

As an Ergowear fan I recommend checking out the website for more info:

And as usual if you want me to share your underwear pics, hit me up! #underwearaficionado #ergowearfan

Nap time! 😴💤🔥 #UnderwearAficionado

This sexy chocolate man taking a cheeky nap in his undies. I love the black,white&red he is wearing, as an ergowear fan myself I can assure that pouch design is really comfy.

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Mr. Big Guns 💪🔫 #Muscle #Men #UnderwearAficionado


Muscled guy showing off his hard rock body…I would love to have a gym buddy like this to go train, I would sure be motivated!

What about you guys? Do you have a hot training buddy? What type of undies do you use to train?

I personally like jockstraps… and I’m sure you guessed which brand, such an Ergowear fan. All of their mesh line is great for sports, real fresh.

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