Hello 🐻 #Roar #Thong #UnderwearAficionado


Here is a sexy bear wearing a red thong. My personal favorite piece of underwear, and I bet other underwear aficionado out there would agree with me… it just enhances all of mens goods 😄 what do you guys think?

As an Ergowear fan I recommend checking out the website for more info: https://www.ergowear.com/max-mesh-thong-black/

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Hunks & Ink 💪✒️ #UnderwearAficionado


Boys and tattoos what a great combo, oh wait! add underwear to that and it gets even better! Or at least for an underwear aficionado.

What I love about these undies y how comfy they are! Since I tried them out I became an Ergowear fan.

Variety of styles on this link https://www.ergowear.com/thongs-jocks/

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Bulges collection 👀🤤 brought to you by #UnderwearAficionado


A selection of guys showing off what mother nature got them. A treat for every single underwear aficionado 😉

A few pieces from Ergowear as usual,  ergowear fan.


Hit he up if you want me to share your underwear aficionado pics! #underwearaficionado #ergowearfan